Monday, August 25, 2008

Many are Called but Few are Chosen

Monday, August 25, 2008
Books about the nomination, nominees, conventions, and more
These books are on display at the Reference Desk.

Reference Collection
National Party Conventions 1831-2004 JK2255.N373 2006
Elections A to Z JK 1976.M57 2008
Encyclopedia of the American Presidency 2 v0l.JK 511-E53 1994

Books to check out
Edwards, G.C. (2004) Why the Electoral College is Bad for America. JK529.E38 2004
Geer, J.G. (1989). Nominating Presidents JK 522.G44 1989
Gerth, J. & Van Natta, Jr., D. (2007). Her Way.E887.C55 G47 2007
Han, L.C. & Heldman, C. , Eds. (2007) . Rethinking Madam President: Are We Ready for a
Woman in the White House?
JK616.R373 2007
Judah, C. & Smith, G.W. (1962). The Unchosen: The Presidential Nomination--and Nine
Famous American Statesman Who sought it. JK2255.J8
McCain, John. Worth The Fighting For E840.8.M467 A3 2003
Mendell, D. (2007) Obama: From Promise to Power E901.1.O23 M46 2007
Obama, B. (2006) Audacitry of Hope E901.1.O23 A3 2006
Pleasants, J.M. (2004) Hanging Chads: The Inside Story of the 2000 Presidential Recount in
JK 5262000.P58 2004
Reiter, H.L. (1985). Selecting the President: The Nominating Process in Transition.
JK521.R45 1985.
Schramm, M. (1987). The Great American Video Game E839.5.S35 1987
Watson, R.A. (1980)The Presidential Contest JK524.W38


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