Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

Thursday, November 29, 2007
Three writers known for their children's books were born on this day : Madeleine L'Engle, Louisa May Alcott, and C.S. Lewis. from New Morning Daybook What books have you read by any of these authors? Were any favorites of yours or were they required for a class?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

D.E.A.R. list

Thursday, November 15, 2007
D.E.A.R stands for Drop Everything and Read! These books are award winners from the past few years.

The books on these pages represent a few of the award books we have in the library.

While on vacation have a DEAR day and read for fun!

Pulitzer Prizes
A $10,000 prize goes to the winner of the outstanding writing for the year. While most of the prizes relate to journalism, at least two are given each year to fiction and nonfiction

Applebaum, A. Gulag: A History
HV8964.S65 A67 2003

Bird, K. American Prometheus :
The Triumph and Tragedy of
J. Robert Oppenheimer
QC 16.O62 B57 2005

Coll, S. Ghost Wars DS371.2.C63

Elkins, C. Imperial Reckoning:
The Untold Story of Britain’s
Gulag in Kenya
DT433.577.E45 2005

Fischer, D. Washington’s Cross
ing E263.P4 F575 2004

Hahn, S. A Nation Under Our
Feet E185.2.H15 2003

Oshinsky, D. Polio: An American
Story RC181.U6 O83 2005

Robinson, M. Gilead
PS3568.O3125 G55 2004

National Book Award
Considered one of the highest awards for literature for American Authors, it covers nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and children’s literature. Top prizes are $10,000 for each category.

Birdsall, J. The Penderwicks
PZ7.B51197 Pe 2005

Didion, J. The Year of Magical
Thinking PS3554.I33 Z63 2005

Jones, E. The Known World
PS3560.O4813 K58 2003—a

Newbery Awards
Awarded to the top national best children’s book published in America

Bartoletti, S. Hitler Youth:
Growing up in Hitler’s
Shadow DD253.5.B37 2005

Caldecott Awards

Awarded to the top national best illustrated children’s book published in America

Sidman, J. Song of the Water
Boatman and Other Pond
Poems PS3569.I295 S66

Golden Kite Award
Presented for outstanding children’s writers by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and

Freedman, R. Children of the
Great Depression
HQ792.U5 F738 2005

Jurmain, S. Forbidden
SchoolHouse PZ2317.C73
J87 2005—honor book

Theodor Seuss Geisel Medal

Created in honor of Dr. Seuss.

Rylant, C. Henry Mudge and the Great Grandpas PZ7.R982 Hearmg 2005

Carnegie Medal
Given for outstanding books for children or youth written in English and published in the UK. The Carnegie Medal will celebrate its 70th birthday in 2007.

Chambers, A. Postcards from
No Man’s Land PZ7.C3557
PO 2002

Cooper , H. Pumpkin Soup
PZ7.C78555 Pu 1999

Doherty, B. Dear Nobody
PZ7.D56947 De 1994

Wojciechowski, S. The Christ
mas Miracle of Jonathan
Toomey PZ7.W8183 Ch

Michael L. Prinz Award

A relatively new award, this medal identifies outstanding Young Adult literature

Almond, D. Skellig PZ7.A448 SK1999

Chambers, A. Postcards from No Man’s
Land PZ7.C3557 PO 2002 (Many
books receive more than one award

"Out in the West..."

Writing about the Western United States has been a popular subject for a authors since James Fenimore Cooper — wrote about his west (New York!) We can no longer “go West” in the same manner as one hundred years ago, —except in the novels and diaries of


Berger, T. Little Big Man PS3552.E719 L5 1985

Brouwer, S. Evening Star PS3552.R6825 E94 2000

Brouwer, S. Thunder Voice PS3552.R6825 T48 2001

Cather, W. Death Comes for the Archbishop PS3505.A87 D4 1927

Cather, W. O Pioneers! PS3505.A87 O2 1992

Crane, S. “The Blue Hotel,” and “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky,” In His Complete Short Stories PS1449.C85 A12

Enger, L. Peace Like a River PS3555.N422 P42 2001

Grey, Z. Riders of the Purple Sage PS3513.R6545 R5 1980

Guthrie, A. B. The Big Sky PS3513.U855 B5 1982

Harte, B. The Outcasts of Poker Flat. PS1829.O9

Jones, W. Edge of Two Worlds PZ7.J735 Ed

Kingsolver, B. The Bean Trees PS3561.I496 B44 1998

Kirkpatrick, J. All Together in One Place PS3561.I712 A79 2000

L'Amour, L. The Chreokee Trail (Not in Library)

Leonard, E. The Hot Kid PS3562.E55 H66 2005

McMurtry, L. Comanche Moon PR3563.A319 C66 1997

McMurtry, L. Lonesome Dove PS3563.A319 L6 1995

McMurtry, L. Streets of Laredo PS3563.A319 S7 1993

Portis, C. True Grit PS3566.O663 T7

Reid, M.. The Boy Hunters OR Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo PZ7.R273 Boh6

Richardson, H. L. The Devil’s Eye PS3568.I3175 D48 1995

Sandoz, M. Horsecatcher (not in Library)

Schaap, J. Touches the Sky PS3569.C33 T68 2003

Schaefer, J. Shane (not in Library)

Stanley, D. & Karas, G. Saving Sweetness PZ7.S7869 Sav 1996

Swarthout, G. Bless the Beasts and Children PS3537.W3743 B5

Non Fiction

Alter, J. Extraordinary Women of the American West CT3207.A58 1999

Calvert, P. Great Lives:The American Frontier F590.5.C35 1997

Cox, C. The Forgotten Heroes: The Story of the Buffalo Soldiers E185.925 .C65 1993

DeVoto, B. The Journals of Lewis and Clark F592.4 1953

Stegner, W. The Sound of Mountain Water. F591.S84

Women Who Changed their World

First Century BC

Abbott, J. Cleopatra DT92.7.A18

1st Century AD

Brock, A. G. Mary Magdalene, the first Apostle BS2485.B73 2003

17th Century

Dorsey, E. Pocahontas E90.P6 D7

Grant, C. Queen and Cardinal: A memoir of Anne of Austria and her relations with Cardinal Mazarin DC124.3.G7

Winship, M. The Times and Trials of Anne Hutchinson BX7148.M4 W552005

18th Century

Southan, B. C. Jane Austen.PR4037.S59 1968

19th Century

Bennett, P. Emily Dickinson:

Woman Poet PS1541.Z5 B44 1990

Gollaher, David. Voice for the Mad: the life of Dorothea Dix HV28.D6 G65 1995

Marks, E. Colette PQ2605.O28 Z73

Nightingale, Florence. Letters.
UH347.N6 N5

Tomalin, C. The Life and Death of Mary Wollstoncraft PR5841.W8 Z84

Wilson, Dorothy. Lone Woman: The story of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor R154.B623 W5

Twentieth Century

Burgess, Alan. The Small Woman. [Gladys Aylward] BV3427.A9 B8

Brooks, P. The House of Life QH31.C33 B7 [Rachel Carson]

Carson, Rachel. Under the Sea-Wind QH92.C3 1952

Chukovskaya, Lydia. The Ahkmatova Journals. PG3476.A324 Z58213 2002

Earhart, A. The Fun of It. TL540.E3 A32

Frank, Anne. The Diary of a Young Girl DS135.N6 F73313 1995

Goodall, Jane. 40 Years at Gombe QL31.G58 L56 1999

Harpaz, B. The Girls in the Van. [Hilary Clinton] E837.C55 H37 2001

Keller, Helen..Selected writings HV1624.K4 A27 2005

Kirk, C. J.K. Rowling PR6068.O93 Z739 2003

Learning, B. Katharine
Hepburn PN2287.H45 L43 1995

Lillard, A. Montessori: The Science behind the Genius LB1029.M75 L53 2005

Montessori, Maria. The
Montessori method LB775.M7613 1964a

Parks, Rosa My Story. F334.M753 P37 1992

Porter, David. Mother Teresa: the early years BX4406.5.Z8 P67 1986

Rosenstiel, L. Nadia Boulanger: A life in music ML423.B42 R7 1982

Fleming, Candace. Our
Eleanor E807.1.R48 F67 2005

Scharf, l. Eleanor Roosevelt: the first lady of American liberalism E807.1.R48S34 1987

Skaerved, M. Dietrich PN2658.D5 S54 2003

Immigrant Adventures

The Issues and Research

Chen, H. Chinatown no More
F128.9.C5 C45 1992

Dinnerstein, L. Natives and
Strangers. 2nd ed.
E184.A1 D49 1990

Harris, N. The New Untouchables
HD6300.H37 1995

Kivisto, P. & Blanck, D. American
Immigrants and their Generations
E175.5.H3 A44 1990

Kyle, D. and Koslowski, R. Global
Human Struggling JV6201.G56

Scott, F. D. , ed. World Migration in
Modern Times JV6021.S36

Toro-Morn, M. & Alicea, M.
Migration and Immigration
JV7035.M542 2004

Trueba, H. T. Healing
Multicultural America (Mexican
LC2687.C2H43 1993

Ungar, S.J. Fresh Blood:The New
American Immigrants.
JV6455.5.U54 1995

The following are personal
narratives. Even the fictional accounts are largely drawn on true events.
Across the Oceans

An Na A Step from Heaven
PZ7.N1243St 2001 (Korea)

Bunting, Eve. Dreaming of America
PZ7.B91527 Ds 1999

Conley, E.A. The Chosen Shore
JV6465.C73 2004 (Mixed)

Fadiman, A. The Spirit Catches
You and You Fall Down
RA418.5.T73 F33 1997

Gallo, D. ed. First Crossing:
Stories about Teen Immigrants
PZ5.F924 2004 (Mixed)

Gundisch, K. How I became an
PZ7.G967 Ho 2001(Europe)

Hest, A. When Jessie Came
Across the Sea PZ7.H4375
WF 1997 (Europe)

Hyun, P. In the New World
DU624.7.K67 H983 1995

Nugent, W. Crossings
JV6454.N84 1992

Winter, J. Klara’s New World
PZ7.W754Kl 1992

Across the Land

Aldrich, L. Overland Route to
California F593.A38 1966

Conley, R. Mountain Wind
PS3553.O494 M68 1992

Harrell, B. LongWalker’s
Journey PZ7.H234Lo 1999

McGlashan, C. History of the
Donner Party. F868.N5 M28

Lasky, Kathryn. Beyond the
PZ7.L3274 Be 1983

Manly, W. Death Valley in ‘49
[1849] F868.D2 M28

Murphy, Jim. Across America
on an Emigrant Train
PR5495.M79 1993

Stanley, J. Hurry Freedom
F866.S813 2000

Turner, A. Red Flower Goes West
PZ7.T8535 Rf 1999
Woodruff, Elvira Dear Levi:
Letters from the Overland Trail
PZ7.W86 O6 Dc1994

If you like...

Catherine Marshall, Janette Oke, Boede Thoene, You'll like these authors

Ammerman, M. The Ransom PS3551.M56 R36 1997
Austin, L Fire by Night PS3551.U839 F57 2003

Benson, A. Awakening Mercy
PS3552.E5476585 A95 2000
Beckett, L. A Time Before You Die PR6052.E28 T5 1999
Benry, R. Little White Lies PS3552.E54764 L57 2001
Billingsly, R. Let the Church Say Amen PS3602.I445 L47 2004

Blackstock, T. Cape Refuge PS3552.L34285 C37 2002
Blackston, R. Flabbergasted PS3602.L3255 F68 2003
Bly, S. The Senator’s Other Daughter PS3552.I93 S46 2001

Cramer, W. Levi’s Will PS3603.R37 L48 2005

Feldhahn, S. The Veritas Conflict PS3556.E4574 V4 2001
Fickett, H. Daybreak PS3556.I325 D39 1995

Gansky, A. The Prodigy PS3557.A5195 P76 2001
Glover, R. Bitter Thistle, Sweet Rose PS3557.L678 B58 1994
Groot, T. The Brother’s Keeper PS3557.R5655 B67 2003

Hall, L. Katheryn’s Secret PS3558.A3698 K38 2000
Hancock, K. Shadow Over Kiriath PS3608.A698 S537 2005
Hart, B. Grace at Low Tide PS3608.A78395 G73 2005
Hatcher, R. Catching Katie PS3558.A73574 C38 2003
Henderson, D. The Protector PS3558.E4829 P76 2001
Higgs, L. Whence Came a Prince PS3558.I36235 W48 2005

Hunt, A. The Velvet Shadow PS3558.U46747 V45 1999

Johnson, S. The Last Guardian PS3560.O3638 L37 2001

Kirkpatrick, J. No Eye Can See PS3561.I712 N6 2001
Kraus, H. Could I Have this Dance? PS3561.R2875 C68 2001
Kraus, J. The Treasure PS3561.R2876 T74 2000

McCusker, P. The Faded Flower PS3563.C3533 F34 2001
MacDonald, G The Complete Fairy Tales PR4966.K58 1999
Morren, Ruth. Wild Rose PS3613.O7553 W55 2004
Moser, N. The Seat Beside Me PS3563.O88417 S43 2002
Myers, B. Fire of Heaven PS3553.Y36 F57 1999

Musser, J. The Infidel PS3563.U84 I5 2001
Nichols, L. If I Gained the World PS3564.I2745 I36 2003

Olson, J. Oxygen PS3515.L75 O95 2001
Palmer, C. The Happy Room
PS3566.A496 H3 2002
Rivers, F. Unashamed PS580.R3 R58 2000

Samson, L. Songbird PS3569.A46673 S6 2003
Schaap, J. Touches the Sky PS3569.C33 T68 2003
Seddon, A. Red Planet Rising PS3569.E3145 C79 1995
Simon, F. Trial by Fire PS3559.I4816 T75 1999
Snelling, L. The Reaper’s Song PS3569.N39 R43 1998
Sprinkle, P. But Why Shoot the magistrate? PS3569.P687 B8 1998

Stafford, T. Sisters PS3569.T25 S57 2000
Tales of Faraway Places: The Storyteller’s Collection PS648.C43 S77 2000
Tatlock, A. Things We Once Held Dear PS3570.A85 T48 2006
Turner, J. Some Wildflower in My Heart PS3570.U717 S66 1998

Vaughan, R. Touch the Face of God PS3622.A94 T68 2002
Whitlow, R. The Sacrifice PS3573.H49837 S33 2002
Whittington, B. Living with Fred PS3623.H5872 L585 2005b


Gowans, J. O Lord! PN6110.R4 G69
L’Engle, M. A Cry Like a Bell
PS3523,E55 C7 1987

Vacation Reads

One of my delights every year is to peruse suggested reading lists for summer. These are from Houston, Texas for 11-12 graders, and although some of the fiction is Young Adult (teen characters and issues), the range of issues and topics merits a try for something different.
The synopses are from the list.


Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice
PR4034.P7 1945

Baldwin, James. Go Tell It on the
Mountain. PS3552.A45 G5

Ellison, Ralph. Invisible Man
PS3555.L625 I6

Eugenides, Jeffrey. Middlesex
PS3555.U4 M53 2002
“In order to understand why she is not like other girls, Calliope must uncover a guilty family secret and the astonishing genetic history that turns Callie into Cal.”

Flinn, Alex Breathing Underwater.
PZ7.F6935 Br 2001

Frank, F. R. America PZ7.F84913 Am
“The enduring love of his foster mother and a dedicated therapist are fifteen-year-old America’s only positive life forces in this disturbing, powerful story of forgiveness and “against the odds” survival.”

Heinlein, Robert. Stranger in a Strange
Land PS3515.E288 S7

Heller, Joseph. Catch-22. PS3558.E476

James, Henry. Washington Square PS2116.W3 1959

Jones, Edward P. The Known World
PS3560.O4813 K58 2003
“Henry Townsend, a black farmer and former slave, is befriended by the most powerful man in antebellum Virginia’s Manchester County and becomes proprietor of his own plantation, as well as of his own slaves.”

McMurtry, Larry. Lonesome Dove
PS3563.A319 L6 1995
“Augustus McCrae and W.F. Call...face danger and hardships during a cattle drive from Texas to Montana…”

Picoult, Jodi. My Sister’s Keeper
PS3566.I372 M9 2004
“Thirteen-year-old Anna, a product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can fight leukemia. She begins a legal procedure to stop her parents fro using her body to keep Kate alive.”

Roth, Philip. The Plot Against
America PS3568.O855 P58 2004

Sijie, Dai. Balzac and the Little
Chinese Seamstress PQ2664.A437
B3513 2001
“During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, two boys exiled to the countryside for “reeducation” are distracted first by a violin, then by a beautiful young seamstress and a stash of Western classics.”

Steinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath PS3537.T3234 G7 1939


Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood
HV6533.K3 C3

Corwin, Miles. And Still We Rise:
The Trials and Triumphs of
Twelve Gifted Inner-City High
School Students LC3993.9.C678
“...chronicles the incredible challenges faced by high school seniors in a South-Central Los Angeles gifted program.”

Greenblatt, Stephen. Will in the
World: How Shakespeare Became
Shakespeare PR 2894.G74 2004

Hawking, Stephen. A Brief History
of Time QB981.H377 1988

Levitt, Stevin D. & Dubner,
Stephen J. Freakonomics
HB74.P8 L479 2005

Thoreau. Walden PS3042.A7 1950

Tucker, Jonathan B. Scourge: The
Once and Future Threat of
Smallpox RC183.1.T83 2001

Wilson, Edward O. The Future of
Life QH75.W535 2002


Dylan, Bob. Chronicles: Volume One
ML420.D98 A3 2004 v.1

Malcolm X Autobiography
E 185.97.L5 A3

McBride, James. The Color of Water: A Black
Man’s Tribute to his White Mother F130.N4
M38 1996

Markham, Beryl. West With the Night
TL540.M345 A3 1983.
“The British Aviator first to fly west across the Atlantic Solo describes her childhood in British East Africa and her unconventional life.”

Plath, Sylvia. The Bell Jar PS3566.L27 B45

Welty, Eudora. One Writer’s Beginnings
PS3545.E6Z475 1985

HAISLN Recommended Reading List 2006

Short but Powerful

To some, the essay and short story are more
preferable than the huge novels or serials.

Who can forget Thomas Paine’s stirring broadsides or “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Conner once have been read?

Enjoy the sampling of
essayists and short story authors listed here.

Non Fiction

Bellow, S. It All Adds Up: A
Nonfiction Collection
PS3503.E4488 O23 1994

Coles, R. Harvard Diary II:
Essays on the Sacred and
the Secular
BV4501.2.C6423 1997

Jacobs, A. Shaming the Devil:
Essays in Truthtelling
BD171.J23 2004

Kane, J. Touched by a Nurse:
Special Moments that
Transform Lives
RT82.K327 1999

Lewis, C. S. Of Other
Worlds: Essays and Stories
PR6023.E926 O3 1975

Schaeffer, F. Art & the

Bible BR115.A8 S3 1973


One author

Borges, J. Collected Fictions
PQ7797.B635.A24 1998

Christie, A. Miss Marple:
The Complete Short
PR6004.H66 A6 1986

Crutcher, C. Athletic Shorts
PZ7.C89 At 1991

Lahiri, J. Interpreter of
PS3562.A316 I58 1999.

Lardner, R. Best Short
Stories. PS3523.A7 B3

McCullers, C. The Ballad
of the Sad Café
PS3525.A1772 B3

Myers, W. 145th Street
PZ7.M992 Aae 2000

Multiple authors

Abrahams, W. Ed. Prize
Stories 1974 (O.Henry
Awards) PZ1.O11 1974

Benard, R.. Ed. All
Problems are Simple
SP648.O64 A34 1988

Booth, M. Christian Short
Stories: An Anthology
PR1309.S5 C5

Clark, A., Ed. The Probe

PZ1.C558 Ti

Coles, R. , Ed. Teaching
PS648.E33 T43 2004

Delany, S. Ed. Nebula
Winners Thirteen. PZ1.A1 N35 v.13

Echevarria, R. Ed. The
Oxford Book of Latin
American Short Stories
PQ7087.E509 1997

Garrity, D. Ed. 44 Irish
Short Stories

Kenison, K. The Best
American Short Stories
PZ1.B446235 2002

LeGuin, U. Norton Book
of Science Fiction
PS648.N66 1993
Moore,L. Ed. The Best American
Short Stories
PZ1.B446236 2004

Oates, J. Ed. The Oxford Book of
American Short Stories
PS648.S5 O94 1992

Ondaatje, M. Ed. From Ink Lake:
Canadian Short Stories
PR9197.32.F76 1990

Sept. 11 Redux

We Remember

The day our world changed : Children’s
Art of 9/11 HV6432.7.G66 2002

Dwyer, J. & Flynn, K. 102 Minutes
HV6432.y.O89 2004

Longman, J. Among the Heroes
HV6432.7.L65 2003

One nation: America Remembers
September 11, 2001 HV6432.O43 2001

September 11, 2001: A collection of
newspaper front pages selected by the
Poynter Institute. HV6432.S459 2001

We take action

Crotty, W. The Politics of Terror
E902.P65 2004

Daalder, I. H. & Lindsay, J. M. America
Unbound E902.D23 2003

Long, E.L. Facing Terrorism : Responding
As Christians BT736.15.L66 2004

We Continue

Barbash, T. On Top of the World
HG4928.5.L886 2003

Berquist, J. L. Ed. Strike Terror No More
BT736.15.S77 2002

Brill, S. After: How America
Confronted the September 12 Era
HV6432.7.B75 2003

Norbert, T. Ashes Transformed
BV227.N6664 2002
We ask why?

The 9/11 Commission Report .
HV6432.7.N39 2004b

The Attack on America: September 11,
2001 HV6432.T474 2002

Bernstein, R. Out of the Blue
HV6432.B47 2002

Burke, J. Al-Qaeda HV6431.B862 2003

Calhouhn, C.; Price, P. ; Timimer, A. Eds.
Understanding September 11
HV6432.U5 2002

Clarke, R. A. Against all Enemies
HV6432.C53 2004

Dudziak, M., Ed. September 11 in History
HV5432.7.S45 2003

Hershberg, E. & Moore, K. W. Eds. Critical
Views of September 11 HV6432.C75 2002

Hoge, J. & Rose, G. Eds. How Did this
Happen ? HV6432.H69 2001

Lincoln, B. Holy Terrors BL65.T47 2003

Meyerowitz, J. History and September 11
HV 6432.7.H57 2003

Miller, J.; Stone, M; & Mitchell, C. The Cell
HV6432.M54 2002

Pyszczynski, T. ; Solomon, S. ; Greenberg, J.
In the Wake of 9/11 HV6432.P97 2003

Talbott, S. & Chanda, N. Eds. The
Age of Terror HV6432.A43 2001

Web sites

9-11 memorial quilt
From Blue, this site allows you to make a public statement and show of support.

First person accounts

1. Digital Archive

2. Videos Short videos made to commemorate and reflect upon the event.

3. New York Documentary person accounts of that day

New York, New York

These are stories or writings about New York or by authors who have lived or are living in New York (Many in the Rochester Area) or both.

Abbott, George. Mr. Abbott
PN2287.A23 A3

Carmer, Carl. Dark Trees in the
Wind F119.C27

Carmer, Carl. The Susquehanna
F157.S8 C3

Douglass, Frederick. My Bondage
and My Freedom
E449.D738 1968

Gordon, Ann D. The Selected
papers of Elizabeth Cady
Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
HQ1410.A2525 1997

Jacobs, Harriet A. Incidents in the
life of a Slave Girl E444.J17 A3

Partridge, Bellamy. Country
Lawyer. KF368.P3 P3

Matthiessen, Peter. The Birds of Heaven
QL696.G84 M372 2001

Adams, Samuel H. Grand-father Stories
PS3501.D317 G7

Carr, Caleb. The Alienist PZ3553.A76277
A44 1995

Chabon, Michael. The Amazing
Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
PS3553.H15 A82 2000

Gardner, John. Grendel PS3557.A712 G7

Gardner, John. Nickel Mountain
PS3557.A712 N5

Gardner, John. October Light PS3557.A712 O3

Howells, William Dean A Hazard of New
Fortunes PS2025.H3

Howells, William Dean. The Rise of Silas
Lapham PS2027.R5 1957

Jackson, Charles. The Lost Weekend
PS3519.A323 L6 1983

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. The
Sojourner PS3535.A845 S6

Safran Foer, Jonathan. Extremely
Loud & Incredibly Close
PS3606.O38 E97 2005

Swados, Elizabeth, Flamboyant
PS3569.W17 f57 1999

Wharton, Edith. The Age of I
PS3545.H16 A7 1987

Wharton, Edith. The Buccaneers
PA3545.H16 b83 1993

Ashbery, John. The Tennis Court
Oath PS3501.S475 T4

Children & Young Adult

Barron, T. A. High as a Hawk
PZ7.B27567.St 2004

Donnelly, Jennifer. A Northern
Light. PZ7.D7194 No 2003

Giff, Patricia Reilly. Pictures
of Hollis Woods
PZ7.G3626 PK 2002

Karr, Kathleen. The Boxer.
PZ7.K149 B0 2000

Lipsyte, Robert. The Brave.
PZ7.L67 Br 1993

Myers, Walter Dean. Fast Sam,
Cool Clyde, and Stuff
PZ7.M992 Fas 1988

Park, Linda Sue The Kite Fighters
PZ7.P22115 Ki 2000

Park, Linda Sue A Single Shard
PZ7.P22115 Si 2001

Sendak, Maurice. In the Night
Kitchen PZ7.S47 In

Taylor, Sydney. All-of-a-
Kind Family PZ7.T2184

Williams, Garcia. Every Time a Rainbow
Dies PZ7.W6713 Ev 2001

Woodson, Jacqueline. If You Come Softly
PZ7.W868 If 1998

For more information on New York
Authors visit the New York State Literary

National Poetry Month 2006

Ashbery, John. The Tennis Court Oath Middletown, Conn., Wesleyan University Press [1962]
PS3501.S475 T4 (A native of Rochester, New York)

Basker, J. G. Amazing Grace: an anthology of poems about slavery New Haven :
Yale University Press, ©2002.
PR1195.S44 A45 2002

Crowell, G. Poems of Inspiration and Courage New York :Harper & Row [1965]
PS3505.R9456 A6 1965

Haines, J. Cicada Middletown, Conn. : Wesleyan University Press, 1977.
PS3558.A33 C5

Herrera, J. Calling the Doves. San Francisco, Calif. : Children's Book Press, 1995. PS3558.E74 Z464 1995

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PS3521.J582 A6 2000

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PS3523.E55 C7 1987

Levine, P. The Simple Truth New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1999
PS35623.E9556 1994

Williams, C. K. Repair New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999
PS3573.I4483 R46 1999


Alarcon, F. Iguanas in the Snow. San Francisco : Children's Book Press/Libros para niños, 2001
PS3551.L22139 2001

Booth, P. Crossing. Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2001
PS3552.O647 C76 2001 - About railroad crossings.

Esbensen, B. Swing Around the Sun. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, 2003
PS3555.S24 S94 2003

Longfellow, H. Paul Revere’s Ride
PS2271.P3 2003

Myers, W. Here in Harlem New York : Holiday House, 2004
PS3563.Y48 H47 2004.

Rappaport, D. Free at Last Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2004
E186.2.R27 2004

Prelutsky, J. If not for the cat New York : Greenwillow Books, ©2004
PS3566.R36 I35 2004

Schmidt, G. Ed. Robert Frost PS3511.R94A6 1994

Shange, N. Ellington was not a Street. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2004
PS3569.H3324 E45 2004

Sidman, J. Song of the Water Boatman and other Pond Poems Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2005
PS3569.I295 S66 2005

Mother's Day 2006

Contrary to what many believe, Mother’s Day was not invented by card companies but has existed in varying forms for millennia. It became an official holiday in the United States under President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.
And while much of the essays, fiction and poetry most read for mothers is syrupy and overly romanticized, a body of literature exists which examines the state of motherhood in all its colors. Here are a few for your pleasure and

Non Fiction
Bishop, Bette. The Beauty of
Motherhood: Selected writings
about the Joy of Being a Mother
PS509.M6 B5

Coll, Cynthia G., et. al. Mothering
Against the Odds: Diverse
Voices of Contemporary
Mothers HQ759.M878 1998

Ginsberg, Debra. Raising Blaze:
Bringing Up an Extraordinary
Son in an Ordinary World
HQ769.G56 2002

LamottAnne. Traveling Mercies
PS3562.A4645 Z47 1999

McBride, James. The Color of Water: A
Black Man’s Tribute to His White
Mother F130.N4 M38 1996

Minturn, Leigh. Mothers of Six Cultures:
Antecedents of Child Rearing

Moore, Henry. Mother and Child
NB497.M6 M67 1987

Eckard, Paula. Maternal Body and Voice
in Toni Morrison, Bobbie Ann Mason,
and Lee Smith PS374.M547 E29 2002


Bjorn, Thyra. Mama’s Way.
PS3552.J6 M3

Elmer, Robert The Celebrity.
PS3555.L44 C45 2006

Forbes, Kathryn Mama’s Bank
Account PS 3525.A2694 M3

Naylor, Gloria. Mama Day
PS3564.A895 M3 1989b

Phelps, William. In Tribute to
Mothers PN6110.H6 P5 1942

Styron, William. Sophie’s Choice
PS3569.T9 S6

Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club
PS3570.A48 J6 1990

Children & Young Adult

Barron, T. A. High as a Hawk
PZ7.B27567 St 2004

Brooks, Bruce. Midnight Hour
Encores. PZ7.B7913 Mi 1986

Childress, Alice.
Rainbow Jordan
PZ7.C4412 Rai 1982

Curtis, Christopher. Bucking
the Sarge
PZ7.C94137 BW 2004

Greene, Bette. The Drowning
of Stephan Jones
PZ7.G8263 Dr 1996

Cole, Brock. The Facts Speak
for Themselves
PZ7.C67342 Fac 1997

Danziger, Paula Amber
Brown is Green with Envy
PZ7.D2394 Ip 2003

Hurd, Tacher. Mama Don’t
PZ7.H9562 Mam 1984

Jarrell, Mary. The Knee-
Baby PZ7.J293 Kn 1988

Lowry, Lois. Rabble Starkey
PZ7.L9673 Rab 1988.

Mori, Koyoko. Shizuko’s
Daughter PZ7.M826725
Sh 1993

Say, Allen. Tree of Cranes.
PZ7.S2744 Tr 1991

Williams, Vera B. Scooter
PZ7.W6685 Sc 1993

Wood, Douglass. What Moms Can’t Do
PZ7.W84738 Whm 2001

Woodson, Jacqueline. Show Way
PZ7.W868 Sh 2005

At Your Public Library

Mayes, Francis. A Year in the World

Morris, Mary McGarry The Lost Mother.

MaComber, Debbie. Susannah’s Garden

Williams, Marjorie The Woman at the
Washington Zoo.

Under the Collar: Ministers in Literature

Berryman, Jeff. Leaving
PR3602.E767 L4 2002

Cather, Willa. Death Comes
for the Archbishop
PS3505.A87 A6 1990

Erdrich, Louise. The Last
Report on the Miracles at
Little No Horse
PS3555.R42 L37 2001

Frederic, Harold. The
Damnation of Theron
Ware PS1707.D3

Deland, Margaret. John
Ward Preacher
PS1532.J6 1967

Greene, Graham. The
Power and the Glory
PR6013.R44 P6

Gulley, Philip Home to
Harmony PS3557.U449
H66 2000

Howatch, Susan Glamorous
Powers PR6058.O912 G47

Karon, Jan. In This Mountain
PS3561.A678 I5 2002

Musser, Joe. The Infidel
PS3563.U84 I5 2001

Myers, Bill. The Face of God
PS3563.Y36 F33 2002

Parker, Gary. Beyond a
Reasonable Doubt PS3566
.A6784 B48 1994

O’Connor, Flannery. The
Violent Bear It Away
PS3565.C57 1988

O’Connor, Edwin. The Edge
Of Sadness PS3565.C55

Richter, Conrad. A Simple
Honorable Man
PS3535.I429 S5

Robinson, Marilynne Gilead
PS3568.O3125 G55 2004

Schmidt, Gary D. Lizzie
Bright and the
Buckminster Boy.
PZ7.S3527 Li 2004

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. The
Minister’s Wooing
PS2954.M5 1968

Street, James. The High
PS3537.T8278 H2

Trollope, A. Fromley
Parsonage PR5684.F7

Turnbull, Agnes. The
Bishop’s Mantle
PS3539.U76 B5

White, Nelia Gardner.
No Trumpet Before
Him PS3545.H562 N6

Wellman, Paul I. The
Chain PS3545.E52859

Non Fiction

Davies, Horton. A Mirror
of the Ministry in
Modern Novels
PS374.C55 D3

Lindvall, Michael. The
Good News from
North Haven.
PS3562.I51266 G6

End of Life

These books were compiled to complement a conference held here in 2006

Non Fiction

Biggtar, N. Aiming to Kill: The Ethics of Suicide and Euthanasia R726.B64 2004
Griffith, W. More than a parting prayerLessons in Care-giving for the Dying BV4460.6.G75 2005
Kalish, R. A. Ed. Caring Relationships R726.8.C38 1979

Fosso, K. Buried Communities
PR5892.D35 B87 2004
Jecker, N. S. Ed. Aging and Ethics HQ1061.A4555 1991
Kastenbaum, R. On Our Way: The Final Passage through Life and Death BF789.D4 K365 2004
Kubler-Ross, E. To Live Until We Say Good-bye BF789.D4 K83
Meyer, C. Surviving Death

BF789.D4 M455 1991
Mooreland, J. P. & Geisler, N. L. The Life and Death Debate HQ1073.M63 1990
Oliver, S. What the dying teach us BV4438.O57 1998
Vogt, C. Patience, Compassion, Hope BT825.V568 2004
Wangerin, W. Mourning into Dancing BF4905.2.W36 1992
Wilcock, P. Spiritual care of Dying and Bereaved People BV4460.6.W55 1996
Biography/Personal Narratives
Bernstein, J. When the Bough Breaks BF575.G5 B47 1996
O’Kelly, E. Chasing Daylight BF789.D4 O44 2006


Coman, C. M. Many Stones PZ7.C729 Man 2000
Cooney, C.B. Driver’s Ed PZ7.C7834 Dr 1996x
dePaola, T. Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs PZ7.D439 Nan
Guest, J. Ordinary People PS3557.U345 O7 1982
L’Engle, M. A ring of encless light PZ7.L5385 Ri 1980
Mazer, N. F. After the Rain PZ7.M47398 Af 1987
McDonald, J. Swallowing Stones PZ7.M478418 Sw1999
Paterson, K. Bridge to Terabithia PZ7.P273 BR
Rylant, C. Missing May PZ7.R982 Mj 1992

Easter 2006


Hall, D. J. The Cross in our
Context BT453.H27 2003

Hengel, M. Crucifixion.
HV8569.H4613 1977

McDonald, H. D. New
Testament Concept of
BT453.M385 1994

Schmidt, T. A Scandalous
Beauty. BT453.S48 2002


Bounds, E. M. The Ineffable
Glory: Thoughts on the
Resurrection BT871.B75

McKenna, M. And Morning
Came BT483.M35

Wright, N. T. The
Resurrection of the Son of
BS2398.W75 1992 v.3

The Holiday in General

Bradshaw P. Passover and
EasterBV55.P2753 1999

Demaray, Loyalty to Christ
Sermons with Prayers for
The Easter Season
BX8333.D45 L6

Thatcher, F. W. The
Splendor of Easter

Shepherd, M. The Paschal
Liturgy and the
Apocalypse BV55.S5


Grimes, N. At Jerusalem’s
Gate: Poems of Easter
BT482.G75 2005

Smith, H. The Easter book
of Legends and Stories
PN6071.E2 H3

Webb, M. The Master’s
PS3573.E1982 M3 1991

French, F. Easter with
words from the King
James Bible
Oversize BT430.A3 2002

Milhous, K. The Egg
Tree PZ7.M596 Eg

Polacco, P. Chicken
Sunday (Not in Library)

Wells, R. Max’s
Chocolate Chicken PZ7.W46843 Masj 1989

Deaf History Month


Turkington. The Encyclopedia
of Deafness and Hearing
Ref .RF290.T93 2000

Non fiction

A Basic course in Manual
HV2477.B375 1973

Branson, J. Damned for
Their Difference
HV2380.B685 2002

Costello, E. Signing: How to
Speak with your Hands
HV2474.C67 1995

Edwards, E. Music Educa-
tion for the Deaf
MT1.E345 M9

The Gallaudet Survival
Guide to Signing
HV2475.L36 1987

Grayson, G. Talking with
Your Hands, Listening
with your eyes
HV2474.G73 2003

Jankowski, K. Deaf Empow-
erment: Emergence,
Struggle, and Rhetoric
HV2530.J35 1997

Monaghan, L. Many Ways to
Be Deaf
HV2395.M36 2003

Padden, C. Deaf in America
HV2545.P33 1988

Riekehof, L. The Joy of
HV2474.R53 1987
Solo, S. N. Sign Language


Higgins, P. C. Outsiders in
a Hearing World: A
Sociology of Deafness

Lane, H. A Journey into
the Deaf-World
HV2380.L27 1996


Biderma, B. Wired for
Sound RF305.B52 1998

Cohen, L Train Go Sorry
HV2561.N72 N35 1994

Kisor, H. What’s That
Pig Outdoors
HV2534.K57 A3 1990

Spradley, T. Deaf Like

Me HV2391.S66 1985


Jordan, S. The Raging
PZ7.J7684 Rag 1999

McCullers, C. The Heart
Is a Lonely Hunter
PS3525.A1772 H44

Millman, I. Moses Goes
to School
PZ7.M63954 Mp 2000

Millman, I. Moses Goes
to a Concert
PZ7.M63954 Mo 1998

Riskind, M. Apple is my
Sign PZ7.R493 Ap

Scott, V. Belonging
PZ7.S4294 B3 1986
Additional books you have

found about this subject.

2 Good 2 Put Down

Don't start these books if you have an important engagement or appointment!

Non Fiction

Bryson, B. A Short history of Nearly Everything Q162.B88 2003
Cohen, L. H. Train Go Sorry:
Inside a Deaf World HV2561.N72 N35 1994

Levitt, S.D. & Dubner, S. J. Freakonomics. HB74.P8 L479 2005. Unusual answers to current events.
Fried, R. The Passionate Teacher LB1775.2.F75 1995

Kidder, T. Among Schoolchildren LB1776.K48 1989
McCrorie, K. 20 Teachers: In their own words… LB1025.2.M324 1984
Orenstein, P. Schoolgirls: Young Women, Self Esteem, and the Confidence Gap.

HQ798.O74 1994

Officer, C. & Page, J. Tales of the Earth QB631.O34 1993
Postman, J. Teaching as a Subversive Activity LA 217.P6

Postman, N. Conscientious Objections P40.8.P667 1988
Schachter, D. The Seven Sins
of Memory BF376.S33
2001. Explores ways in which our memories fail us.
Shenk, D. Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut HM221.S515 1998
Trefil, J. Are We Unique: A scientist Explores the Unparalleled Intelligence of the Human Mind BF444.T74 1997


Adams, D. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy PR6051.D3352 H5 1989
Atwood, M. The Handmaid’s Tale PR9199.3.A8 H3 1986

Bradbury, R. Fahrenheit 451
PS3503.R167 F3 1988

Card, O. Ender’s Game PS3553.A655 E5 1986
Coover, R. The Universal Baseball Association PS3553.O633 U6x

Delillo, D. White Noise PS3554.E4425 W48 1986

Fleischman, P. Whirligig PZ7.F599233 Wh 1998

Hersey, J. The Child BuyerPS3515.E7715.C55

Holtzman, J. Ed. Fielder’s Choice PS648.B37
Malamud, B. The Natural PS3563.A4 N27

O/Connor, E. The Edge of Sadness PS3565.C55 E4

Russell, M. The Sparrow PS3568.U76678 S63 1997.
Tyler, A. The Accidental Tourist PS3570.Y45 A23 1985
Vonnegut, K. Slaughterhouse Five PS3572.O5 S61
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