Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Golisano and 100 best nonfiction books of the century

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
These are the books the library holds from the 100 best nonfiction books of the century.  The call number is at the end of the title. Because this is a group of suggested books for a contest, I am withholding the link to keep to the rules.  The links will be posted at the end of the contest.

Adams, Henry.       Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres DC20.A2 1936
Arendt, Hannah.      The Origins of Totalitarianism JC481.A6 1966
Banfield, Edward.  The Unheavenly City HT123.B26 1970
Behe, Michael J.     Darwin's Black Box QH325.B365 1996
Berlin, Isaiah.        The Hedgehog and the Fox  PB3415.H5 B4 1970
Blake, Robert.        Disraeli  DA564.B3 B6 1967
Bloom, Allan.        The Closing of the American Mind E169.1.B653 1987
Buckley Jr., William F.  God and Man at Yale LD6309.B8
Burnham, James.    The Machiavellians  JA83.B8
Camus Albert           The Myth of Sisyphus and other Essays PQ2605.A3134 M93
Carson, Rachel.        Silent Spring SB959.C3
Chambers, Whittaker. Witness E743.C47
Chesterton, G.K.       The Everlasting Man BL48.C5 1955
Chesterton, G. K.       Orthodoxy BR121.C5
Churchill, Winston     The Second World War - 6 volumes.  D743.C484
Clark, Kenneth         Civilisation  CB68.C55 1970
Cohn, Norman.         The Pursuit of the Millennium  BR270.C6 1970b
Collingwood, R. G.  The Idea of History D13.C6
Edel, Leon.            Henry James PS2123.E35
Eliot, T. S.             Selected Essays PN511.E443
Einstein, Albert.     Relativity QC6.E5 1931a
Feynman, Richard     Lectures on Physics QC23.F47
Foot, Shelby        The Civil War E468.F7
Frank, Anne.        The Diary of a Young Girl DS135.N6F73313 1995
Friedman, Milton  Capitalism and Freedom HB501.F7
Freud, Sigmund.  The Interpretation of Dreams BF1078.F72 1999
Freud, Sigmund.    Three Case Histories BF173.F675
Genovese, Eugene D.     Roll, Jordan Roll E443.G46
Gilder, George        Wealth and Poverty HB501.G46
Heidder, Martin.       Being and Time B3279.H48 S43 1962
Hofstadter, Richard.  The Age of Reform E743.H63
Huizinga, Johann.        The Waning of the Middle Ages DC33.2.H83 1954
Jacobs, Jane.          The Death and Life of Great American Cities NA9108.J3
Jacobs, Jane.          The Economy of Cities HT321.J32
Jarrell, Randall.       Poetry and the age PN1271.J31 1972
Johnson, Paul          Modern Times D421.J64 1985
Keynes, John Maynard.  The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money HB171.K45
Kirk, Russell     The Conservative Mind B809.K57
Kuhn, Thomas S.  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Q175.K95 1970
Lewis, C. S.        The Abolition of Man LB41.L665 1947
Lewis, C.S.        Mere Christianity BR123.L484 2001
Lippmann, Walter     The Good Society JC251.L5 1943
McPherson, James M.     Battle Cry of Freedom E470.M25
Manchester, William      The Last Lion 2 vols DA566.9.C5 M26 1983
Merton, Thomas          The Seven Story Mountain BX4705.M542 Ae
Myrdal, Gunnar.       An American Dilemma 2 vol. E185.615.A6718 1996
Nabokov, Vladimir     Speak, Memory PG3476.N3 Z476 1999
Ortega y Gasset, Jose  Revolt of the Masses CB103.O72 1957
Orwell, George         Collected Essays PR6029.R8 A61968
Orwell, George         Homage to Catalonia DP269.9.Oy 1980
Pannenberg, Wolfhart.    Systematic Theology 3 vol. BT75.2.P2613 1991
Parrington, Vernon Louis.    Main Currents in Amereican Thought PS88.P32
Pelikan, Jaroslav.        The Christian Tradition BT21.2.P42
Pipes, Richard           The Russian Revolution DK265.P474 1990
Popper, Karl.           The Open Society and its enemies B63 P61963
Rougement, Denis de    Love in the Western World HQ21.R86 1956
Schumpeter, Joseph A.  Capitalism, Socialism, and Democrach  HX86.S33 1950
Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr. The Gulag Archipelago HV9713.S6413
Sowell, Thomas.          Ethnic America E184.A1 S688
Starr, Kennety W.        The Starr Report E885.S72 1998
Trilling, Lionel            The Liberal Imagination PS3539.R56 L5 1953
Von Hayek, F. A.        The Constitution of Liberty JC585.H29
Von Hayek, F. A.        The Road to Serfdom HD82.H38 1944a
Watson, James D.      The Double Helix QD341.A2 W315
Weaver, Richard M.    Ideas have Consequences CB19.W4
West, Rebecca.          Black Lamb and Grey Falcon  DR366.W4
White, E. B.             Essays PS3545.H5187 A16 1977
Wilson, Edmund.       To the Finland Station HX36.W5 1953
Wilson, Edward O.      Sociobiology QL775.W54
Wittgenstein, Ludwig.    Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus BC135.W59
Zweig, Stefan.                Balzac PQ2179.Z9


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