Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sports and Athletes

Thursday, August 16, 2007
Non Fiction

Aaron, Hank. If I Had a
Hammer. GB965.A25 A3 1991

Adler, David. America’s
Champion Swimmer: Gertrude
Ederle GV838.E34 A35 2000

Ashe, Arthur R. A Hard Road to
Glory: A History of the Africa-
American Athlete 1619-1918
GV583 >A75 1988

Baker, William. Jesse Owens: An
American Life BF697.O9 B35

Blount, Mel. The Cross Burns
Brightly HV9106.V532 M453

Byrd, Dennis. Rise & Walk
GV939.B97 A3 1993

Hauser, Thomas. Muhammad Ali
GV1132.A44 H38 1991

Hershiser, Oral Out of the Blue
GV865.H46 A3 1989

Hill, Terry. Batting a Thousand:
Profiles of Baseball Champions
GV865.A1 H49 1987

Jackson, Phil. More than a Game
GV884.J32 A34 2001

Mead, Chris. Champion: Joe
Louis GV1132.L6 M4 1986

Staubach, Roger. Staubach:
Firstdown Lifetime to Go.
GV 939.S733 S37

Williams, Bernard J. The Frank
Leahy Legend GV939.L4


Bing, Christopher. Casey at the
Bat PS3014.T3 C3 2000

Coy, John. Strong to the Hoop
PZ7.C839455 St 1999

Crutcher, Chris. Athletic Shorts
PZ7.C89 At 1998

Crutcher, Chris. The Crazy Horse
Electric Game PZ7.C89 Cr1987

Crutcher, Chris. Ironman
PZ7.C89 Ir 1995

Crutcher, Chris. Running Loose
PZ7.C89 Ru 1983

Crutcher, Chris. Whale Talk
PZ7C89 Wh 2001

Deuker, Carl On the Devil’s Court
PZ7.D493 On 1991

Gutman, Dan. Honus & Me
PZ7.G9846 Ho 1997

Jenkins, A. M. Damage
PZ7 .J4125 Dam 2001

Jenkins, Jerry B. The Youngest Hero
PZ3560.E485 Y68 2002

Jenkins, Jerry B. Hometown Legend PS3560.E486 H66 2001

Johnson, Scott. Safe at
Second PZ7.J6367 Saf

Lynch, Chris. Iceman
PZ7.L979739 Ic 1995

Myers, Walter Dean.
Hoops PZ7.M992 Ho

Myers, Walter Dean. Slam!
PZ7.M992 Sl 1992

Rappaport, Doreen. Dirt
on Their Skirts
PZ7.R18135 Di 2000

Tunis, John R. Yea! Wild
Cats PZ7.T8236 Ye


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