Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To the Moon and Beyond: Celebrating the Moon Landing

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
The Cambridge Dictionary of Space Technology Ref. TL788.W54 2001

Chaiken, Andrew. A Man on the Moon. TL789.8.U6 A5244 1994
            Written for the 25th anniversary of the moon landing.

French, Francis & Colin Burgess. In the Shadow of the Moon TL789.8.U6 A5337 2007
          Explains the moon landing as part of the space race.

Harris,Robie H. Mail Harry to the Moon Curr. Center PZ7.H2436 Mai 2008
          A more humorous view of the moon’s use.

Heiken, Grant ( Ed.) Lunar Sourcebook QB581.L766 1991
             A collection of the American and Soviet missions to the moon up to 1991.

Lang, Kenneth R. The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System QB501.L24 2003

Platt, Richard. Moon Landing: Apollo 11 4oth anniversary pop-up Curr. Center TL789.8.U6 A5777 
           One of the many books celebrating the 40th anniversary. Compare it to Andrew Chaiken’s

Resau, Laura What the Moon Saw Curr. Center PZ7.R2978 Wha 2006
               This is actually about immigrants.

Schyffert, Bea Uusma. The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon.
              Curr. Center TL789.85.C65 S3813 2003
            The Story of Michael Collins who stayed in the space capsule during the moon landing.

Thimmesh, Catherine. Team Moon: How 400,000 people landed Apollo 11 on the Moon
                Curr. Center 789.8.U6 A582546 2006

Time-Life To the Moon Oversize TL799.M6 T5 (1969)
          Mostly pictures of all aspects of the Lunar landing.

Verne, Jules. From the Earth to the Moon PQ2469.D3 1959
             The Jules Verne classic about space flight to the moon. Note who the astronauts are.

Willkens, H. P. The Moon : A Complete Description of the Surface of the Moon QB581.W56

Woods, W. David. How Apollo Flew to the Moon TL799.M6 W66 2008
           Discusses the technology involved in going to the moon. Compare to Jules Verne’s idea.

Yolen, Jane. Owl Moon Curr. Center PZ7.Y78 Ow 1987
          The impact of the moon and it’s influence on a young girl and her father as they go out on a snowy


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