Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Holiday Readings December 2001

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Whether it’s an old favorite or a new discovery, books and Christmas are intertwined. Each book is like a little present of an author to you which you can open and enjoy. Here are a few factual books and some collections of stories for just that purpose.


Auld, William. Christmas Traditions. GT4985.A8 1968.

Brady, Agnes Marie. Christmas tide. GT4985.B67.

Gardner, Horace John. Let’s Celebrate Christmas. GT4985.G3.

Krueger, Caryl Waller. 101 Ideas for the Best Ever Christmas GT4985.K64 1992.

Krythe, Mayme Richardson. All About Christmas. GT4985.K68.

Restad, Penne L. Christmas in America: a History. GT4986.A1 R47 1995.

Watts, Franklin. The Complete Christmas Book. GR4985.W413.


Ehret, Walter, et al. The International Book of Christmas Carols. M2065.E4 I6.

Keyte, Hugh. The New Oxford Book of Carols. M2065.N48 1998.

Fiction—Collected Stories

A Christmas Anthology: Carols and Poems Old and New. PN6110.C5 C4.

Crawford, E. A. A Christmas Sampler: Classic stories of the Season from Twain to Cheever. PS648.C45 C457 1992.

Irving, Washington. The Old English Christmas. PS2069.C4.

Posselt, Eric, ed. A Merry, Merry Christ mas Book. PN6071.C6 P49.

Posselt, Eric, ed. The World’s greatest Christmas Stories. PN6071.C6 P6 1950.

Schauffler, Robert. Christmas. PN6071.C6 S3.

Wagenknecht, Edward. A Fireside Book of Christmas Stories. PN6071.C6 W2.

Wagenknecht, Edward, ed. The Fireside Book of Yuletide Tales. PN6071.C6 W22.

Fiction: Single stories

Bennett, Arnold. The Feast of St. Friend. PR6003.E6 F4.

Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol: the Original Manuscript. PR4572.C5 1971.

Fabry, Chris. Away with the Manger. PS3556.A26 A9 1996.

Gunnarsson, Gunnar. The Good Shep herd. PT8176.G9 A4.

Van Dyke, Henry. “Even Unto Bethle- hem.”PS3117.E8 1928.

Children’s Stories

Ets, Marie Hall. Nine Days to Christmas PZ7.E855 Ni.

Hamilton, Virginia. The Bells of Christ mas. PZ7.H1828 Be 1989.

Houston, Gloria. The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree. PZ7.H8184 Ye 1988.

Howard, Elizabeth F. Chita’s Christmas Tree. PZ7.H83273 Ch 1989.

Moeri, Louise. Star Mother’s Youngest Child. PZ7.M7214 St.

Robbins, Ruth. Baboushka and the Three Kings. PZ8.1.R5 Bab.

Say, Allen. Tree of Cranes. Oversize PZ7. S2744 T4 1991.

Soto, Gary. Too Many Tamales. Oversize PZ7.S7424 To 1991.

Tolkien, J. R.R. The Father Christmas Letters. PZ7.T6 Fa.

Van Allsburg, Chris. The Polar Express. Oversize. PZ7.V266 Po 1985.

Wojchiechowski, Susan. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. PZ7.W8183 Ch 1995.


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