Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Resolved: Read a Good Book January 2002

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Long before Oprah Winfrey started promoting books, writers and illustrators were receiving acknowledgement from peers and other groups. Here are some you may not know about.

Kate Greenaway Medal
(Honors a children’s illustrator)

Hest, Amy. When Jessie Came Across the Sea. PZ.H4375Wf 1997 (1997 medal)

Ardizzone, Edward. Tim All Alone. PZ7.A682Tc (1956 medal)

Golden Kite Award
(Presented by fellow authors and artists)

Hopkinson, Deborah. A Band of Angels. PZ7.H779125Br1999

Fleischman, Paul. The Borning Room. PZ7.F599233bo1991

Hyman, T. Little Red Ridding Hood. PZ8.H994Li 1983

Lowry, Lois. Rabble Starkey. PZ7.L9673 Rab 1988

Willard, Nancy. A Visit to William Blake’s Inn. PS3573.I444 V5

Wolf, Virginia Euwer. Make Lemonade. PZ7.W82129mak 1993

Jane Addams Book Award
(Significant work to promote the cause of peace, social justice, and world understanding)

Underwood, Betty. The Tamarack Tree. PZ3.B7545Tam (1972)

Bridges, Ruby. Through My Eyes. F379.N59 N435 1999 (2000 award)
Erdrich, L. The Birchbark House. PZ7.E72554Bi 1999

Hopkinson, D. A Band of Angels. PZ7.H78125Br 1999

Notable Books / Booklist /RUSA chosen by Librarians
Almond, D. Skellig. PZ7.A448sk 1999
Anderson, F. Crucible of War. E199.A58 2000

Armstrong, K. The Battle for God. BL238.A16 2000
Berlin, I. The Roots of Romanticism. NX5623.6.R64 B47 1999
Berlinski, D. The advent of the Algorithm. QA9.58.G47 2000

Berry, W. Jayber Crow. PS3562.E75 J39 2000
Busch, F. Don’t Tell Anyone. PS3552.U814 D66 2000
Carter, S. God’s Name In Vain. BL65.P7 C37 2000
Chabon, M. The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay. PS3553.H15 A82 2000
Coetzee. Disgrace. PR93693.C68 D5 2000
Crace, J. Being Dead. PR6053.R228 B45 2001

Cunningham, M. The Hours. PS3553.U484.H68 1998

Damasio, A. Feeling of What Happens. BF311.D33 1999

Drury, J. Painting the Word. ND1432.E85 D79 1999

Gass, W. Reading Rilke. PT2635.I65Z72 1999

Hirsch, Edward. How to read a poem and fall in love with poetry. PN1042.H48 1999

King, T. Truth & Bright Water. PR9199.3.K4422 T78 1999

Kozol, J. Ordinary Resurrections. HQ792.U5 K69 2000

Lewis. The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story. HD969663.U62 C585 2000

Melnick, J. A Right To Sing the Blues. ML3477.M45 1999

Nelson, A. Living to Tell. PS3564.E428 L58 2000

Booker Prize
(Top fiction award from Great Britain)

Atwood, M. Blind Assassin. PR9199.3.A8 B55 2000

Whitbread Book of the Year
(Top award by a British publisher)

Kneale, M. English Passengers. PR6061.N37 E54 2000

Smith, Z. White Teeth. PR6069.M59 W47 2000

National Book Award
(Presented by the National Book Foundation)

Jin, Ha. Waiting. PS3560.I6 W34 1999

Sontag, S. In America: a novel. PS3504.O6457 F2000

Hugo/ Nebula Awards
(Top prizes for best science fiction)

McIntyre, V. Dreamsnake. PS3573.A3125 D74

Willis, C. Doomsday Book. PS3573.I45652 D66 1993

Wolfe, G. The Claw of the Conciliator. PS3573.O52 C57 1982


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