Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sept. 11 Redux

Thursday, November 15, 2007
We Remember

The day our world changed : Children’s
Art of 9/11 HV6432.7.G66 2002

Dwyer, J. & Flynn, K. 102 Minutes
HV6432.y.O89 2004

Longman, J. Among the Heroes
HV6432.7.L65 2003

One nation: America Remembers
September 11, 2001 HV6432.O43 2001

September 11, 2001: A collection of
newspaper front pages selected by the
Poynter Institute. HV6432.S459 2001

We take action

Crotty, W. The Politics of Terror
E902.P65 2004

Daalder, I. H. & Lindsay, J. M. America
Unbound E902.D23 2003

Long, E.L. Facing Terrorism : Responding
As Christians BT736.15.L66 2004

We Continue

Barbash, T. On Top of the World
HG4928.5.L886 2003

Berquist, J. L. Ed. Strike Terror No More
BT736.15.S77 2002

Brill, S. After: How America
Confronted the September 12 Era
HV6432.7.B75 2003

Norbert, T. Ashes Transformed
BV227.N6664 2002
We ask why?

The 9/11 Commission Report .
HV6432.7.N39 2004b

The Attack on America: September 11,
2001 HV6432.T474 2002

Bernstein, R. Out of the Blue
HV6432.B47 2002

Burke, J. Al-Qaeda HV6431.B862 2003

Calhouhn, C.; Price, P. ; Timimer, A. Eds.
Understanding September 11
HV6432.U5 2002

Clarke, R. A. Against all Enemies
HV6432.C53 2004

Dudziak, M., Ed. September 11 in History
HV5432.7.S45 2003

Hershberg, E. & Moore, K. W. Eds. Critical
Views of September 11 HV6432.C75 2002

Hoge, J. & Rose, G. Eds. How Did this
Happen ? HV6432.H69 2001

Lincoln, B. Holy Terrors BL65.T47 2003

Meyerowitz, J. History and September 11
HV 6432.7.H57 2003

Miller, J.; Stone, M; & Mitchell, C. The Cell
HV6432.M54 2002

Pyszczynski, T. ; Solomon, S. ; Greenberg, J.
In the Wake of 9/11 HV6432.P97 2003

Talbott, S. & Chanda, N. Eds. The
Age of Terror HV6432.A43 2001

Web sites

9-11 memorial quilt
From Blue, this site allows you to make a public statement and show of support.

First person accounts

1. Digital Archive

2. Videos Short videos made to commemorate and reflect upon the event.

3. New York Documentary person accounts of that day


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