Thursday, November 15, 2007

End of Life

Thursday, November 15, 2007
These books were compiled to complement a conference held here in 2006

Non Fiction

Biggtar, N. Aiming to Kill: The Ethics of Suicide and Euthanasia R726.B64 2004
Griffith, W. More than a parting prayerLessons in Care-giving for the Dying BV4460.6.G75 2005
Kalish, R. A. Ed. Caring Relationships R726.8.C38 1979

Fosso, K. Buried Communities
PR5892.D35 B87 2004
Jecker, N. S. Ed. Aging and Ethics HQ1061.A4555 1991
Kastenbaum, R. On Our Way: The Final Passage through Life and Death BF789.D4 K365 2004
Kubler-Ross, E. To Live Until We Say Good-bye BF789.D4 K83
Meyer, C. Surviving Death

BF789.D4 M455 1991
Mooreland, J. P. & Geisler, N. L. The Life and Death Debate HQ1073.M63 1990
Oliver, S. What the dying teach us BV4438.O57 1998
Vogt, C. Patience, Compassion, Hope BT825.V568 2004
Wangerin, W. Mourning into Dancing BF4905.2.W36 1992
Wilcock, P. Spiritual care of Dying and Bereaved People BV4460.6.W55 1996
Biography/Personal Narratives
Bernstein, J. When the Bough Breaks BF575.G5 B47 1996
O’Kelly, E. Chasing Daylight BF789.D4 O44 2006


Coman, C. M. Many Stones PZ7.C729 Man 2000
Cooney, C.B. Driver’s Ed PZ7.C7834 Dr 1996x
dePaola, T. Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs PZ7.D439 Nan
Guest, J. Ordinary People PS3557.U345 O7 1982
L’Engle, M. A ring of encless light PZ7.L5385 Ri 1980
Mazer, N. F. After the Rain PZ7.M47398 Af 1987
McDonald, J. Swallowing Stones PZ7.M478418 Sw1999
Paterson, K. Bridge to Terabithia PZ7.P273 BR
Rylant, C. Missing May PZ7.R982 Mj 1992


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