Thursday, November 15, 2007

If you like...

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Catherine Marshall, Janette Oke, Boede Thoene, You'll like these authors

Ammerman, M. The Ransom PS3551.M56 R36 1997
Austin, L Fire by Night PS3551.U839 F57 2003

Benson, A. Awakening Mercy
PS3552.E5476585 A95 2000
Beckett, L. A Time Before You Die PR6052.E28 T5 1999
Benry, R. Little White Lies PS3552.E54764 L57 2001
Billingsly, R. Let the Church Say Amen PS3602.I445 L47 2004

Blackstock, T. Cape Refuge PS3552.L34285 C37 2002
Blackston, R. Flabbergasted PS3602.L3255 F68 2003
Bly, S. The Senator’s Other Daughter PS3552.I93 S46 2001

Cramer, W. Levi’s Will PS3603.R37 L48 2005

Feldhahn, S. The Veritas Conflict PS3556.E4574 V4 2001
Fickett, H. Daybreak PS3556.I325 D39 1995

Gansky, A. The Prodigy PS3557.A5195 P76 2001
Glover, R. Bitter Thistle, Sweet Rose PS3557.L678 B58 1994
Groot, T. The Brother’s Keeper PS3557.R5655 B67 2003

Hall, L. Katheryn’s Secret PS3558.A3698 K38 2000
Hancock, K. Shadow Over Kiriath PS3608.A698 S537 2005
Hart, B. Grace at Low Tide PS3608.A78395 G73 2005
Hatcher, R. Catching Katie PS3558.A73574 C38 2003
Henderson, D. The Protector PS3558.E4829 P76 2001
Higgs, L. Whence Came a Prince PS3558.I36235 W48 2005

Hunt, A. The Velvet Shadow PS3558.U46747 V45 1999

Johnson, S. The Last Guardian PS3560.O3638 L37 2001

Kirkpatrick, J. No Eye Can See PS3561.I712 N6 2001
Kraus, H. Could I Have this Dance? PS3561.R2875 C68 2001
Kraus, J. The Treasure PS3561.R2876 T74 2000

McCusker, P. The Faded Flower PS3563.C3533 F34 2001
MacDonald, G The Complete Fairy Tales PR4966.K58 1999
Morren, Ruth. Wild Rose PS3613.O7553 W55 2004
Moser, N. The Seat Beside Me PS3563.O88417 S43 2002
Myers, B. Fire of Heaven PS3553.Y36 F57 1999

Musser, J. The Infidel PS3563.U84 I5 2001
Nichols, L. If I Gained the World PS3564.I2745 I36 2003

Olson, J. Oxygen PS3515.L75 O95 2001
Palmer, C. The Happy Room
PS3566.A496 H3 2002
Rivers, F. Unashamed PS580.R3 R58 2000

Samson, L. Songbird PS3569.A46673 S6 2003
Schaap, J. Touches the Sky PS3569.C33 T68 2003
Seddon, A. Red Planet Rising PS3569.E3145 C79 1995
Simon, F. Trial by Fire PS3559.I4816 T75 1999
Snelling, L. The Reaper’s Song PS3569.N39 R43 1998
Sprinkle, P. But Why Shoot the magistrate? PS3569.P687 B8 1998

Stafford, T. Sisters PS3569.T25 S57 2000
Tales of Faraway Places: The Storyteller’s Collection PS648.C43 S77 2000
Tatlock, A. Things We Once Held Dear PS3570.A85 T48 2006
Turner, J. Some Wildflower in My Heart PS3570.U717 S66 1998

Vaughan, R. Touch the Face of God PS3622.A94 T68 2002
Whitlow, R. The Sacrifice PS3573.H49837 S33 2002
Whittington, B. Living with Fred PS3623.H5872 L585 2005b


Gowans, J. O Lord! PN6110.R4 G69
L’Engle, M. A Cry Like a Bell
PS3523,E55 C7 1987


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