Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deaf History Month

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turkington. The Encyclopedia
of Deafness and Hearing
Ref .RF290.T93 2000

Non fiction

A Basic course in Manual
HV2477.B375 1973

Branson, J. Damned for
Their Difference
HV2380.B685 2002

Costello, E. Signing: How to
Speak with your Hands
HV2474.C67 1995

Edwards, E. Music Educa-
tion for the Deaf
MT1.E345 M9

The Gallaudet Survival
Guide to Signing
HV2475.L36 1987

Grayson, G. Talking with
Your Hands, Listening
with your eyes
HV2474.G73 2003

Jankowski, K. Deaf Empow-
erment: Emergence,
Struggle, and Rhetoric
HV2530.J35 1997

Monaghan, L. Many Ways to
Be Deaf
HV2395.M36 2003

Padden, C. Deaf in America
HV2545.P33 1988

Riekehof, L. The Joy of
HV2474.R53 1987
Solo, S. N. Sign Language


Higgins, P. C. Outsiders in
a Hearing World: A
Sociology of Deafness

Lane, H. A Journey into
the Deaf-World
HV2380.L27 1996


Biderma, B. Wired for
Sound RF305.B52 1998

Cohen, L Train Go Sorry
HV2561.N72 N35 1994

Kisor, H. What’s That
Pig Outdoors
HV2534.K57 A3 1990

Spradley, T. Deaf Like

Me HV2391.S66 1985


Jordan, S. The Raging
PZ7.J7684 Rag 1999

McCullers, C. The Heart
Is a Lonely Hunter
PS3525.A1772 H44

Millman, I. Moses Goes
to School
PZ7.M63954 Mp 2000

Millman, I. Moses Goes
to a Concert
PZ7.M63954 Mo 1998

Riskind, M. Apple is my
Sign PZ7.R493 Ap

Scott, V. Belonging
PZ7.S4294 B3 1986
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