Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mother's Day 2006

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Contrary to what many believe, Mother’s Day was not invented by card companies but has existed in varying forms for millennia. It became an official holiday in the United States under President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.
And while much of the essays, fiction and poetry most read for mothers is syrupy and overly romanticized, a body of literature exists which examines the state of motherhood in all its colors. Here are a few for your pleasure and

Non Fiction
Bishop, Bette. The Beauty of
Motherhood: Selected writings
about the Joy of Being a Mother
PS509.M6 B5

Coll, Cynthia G., et. al. Mothering
Against the Odds: Diverse
Voices of Contemporary
Mothers HQ759.M878 1998

Ginsberg, Debra. Raising Blaze:
Bringing Up an Extraordinary
Son in an Ordinary World
HQ769.G56 2002

LamottAnne. Traveling Mercies
PS3562.A4645 Z47 1999

McBride, James. The Color of Water: A
Black Man’s Tribute to His White
Mother F130.N4 M38 1996

Minturn, Leigh. Mothers of Six Cultures:
Antecedents of Child Rearing

Moore, Henry. Mother and Child
NB497.M6 M67 1987

Eckard, Paula. Maternal Body and Voice
in Toni Morrison, Bobbie Ann Mason,
and Lee Smith PS374.M547 E29 2002


Bjorn, Thyra. Mama’s Way.
PS3552.J6 M3

Elmer, Robert The Celebrity.
PS3555.L44 C45 2006

Forbes, Kathryn Mama’s Bank
Account PS 3525.A2694 M3

Naylor, Gloria. Mama Day
PS3564.A895 M3 1989b

Phelps, William. In Tribute to
Mothers PN6110.H6 P5 1942

Styron, William. Sophie’s Choice
PS3569.T9 S6

Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club
PS3570.A48 J6 1990

Children & Young Adult

Barron, T. A. High as a Hawk
PZ7.B27567 St 2004

Brooks, Bruce. Midnight Hour
Encores. PZ7.B7913 Mi 1986

Childress, Alice.
Rainbow Jordan
PZ7.C4412 Rai 1982

Curtis, Christopher. Bucking
the Sarge
PZ7.C94137 BW 2004

Greene, Bette. The Drowning
of Stephan Jones
PZ7.G8263 Dr 1996

Cole, Brock. The Facts Speak
for Themselves
PZ7.C67342 Fac 1997

Danziger, Paula Amber
Brown is Green with Envy
PZ7.D2394 Ip 2003

Hurd, Tacher. Mama Don’t
PZ7.H9562 Mam 1984

Jarrell, Mary. The Knee-
Baby PZ7.J293 Kn 1988

Lowry, Lois. Rabble Starkey
PZ7.L9673 Rab 1988.

Mori, Koyoko. Shizuko’s
Daughter PZ7.M826725
Sh 1993

Say, Allen. Tree of Cranes.
PZ7.S2744 Tr 1991

Williams, Vera B. Scooter
PZ7.W6685 Sc 1993

Wood, Douglass. What Moms Can’t Do
PZ7.W84738 Whm 2001

Woodson, Jacqueline. Show Way
PZ7.W868 Sh 2005

At Your Public Library

Mayes, Francis. A Year in the World

Morris, Mary McGarry The Lost Mother.

MaComber, Debbie. Susannah’s Garden

Williams, Marjorie The Woman at the
Washington Zoo.


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