Thursday, November 15, 2007

Short but Powerful

Thursday, November 15, 2007
To some, the essay and short story are more
preferable than the huge novels or serials.

Who can forget Thomas Paine’s stirring broadsides or “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Conner once have been read?

Enjoy the sampling of
essayists and short story authors listed here.

Non Fiction

Bellow, S. It All Adds Up: A
Nonfiction Collection
PS3503.E4488 O23 1994

Coles, R. Harvard Diary II:
Essays on the Sacred and
the Secular
BV4501.2.C6423 1997

Jacobs, A. Shaming the Devil:
Essays in Truthtelling
BD171.J23 2004

Kane, J. Touched by a Nurse:
Special Moments that
Transform Lives
RT82.K327 1999

Lewis, C. S. Of Other
Worlds: Essays and Stories
PR6023.E926 O3 1975

Schaeffer, F. Art & the

Bible BR115.A8 S3 1973


One author

Borges, J. Collected Fictions
PQ7797.B635.A24 1998

Christie, A. Miss Marple:
The Complete Short
PR6004.H66 A6 1986

Crutcher, C. Athletic Shorts
PZ7.C89 At 1991

Lahiri, J. Interpreter of
PS3562.A316 I58 1999.

Lardner, R. Best Short
Stories. PS3523.A7 B3

McCullers, C. The Ballad
of the Sad Café
PS3525.A1772 B3

Myers, W. 145th Street
PZ7.M992 Aae 2000

Multiple authors

Abrahams, W. Ed. Prize
Stories 1974 (O.Henry
Awards) PZ1.O11 1974

Benard, R.. Ed. All
Problems are Simple
SP648.O64 A34 1988

Booth, M. Christian Short
Stories: An Anthology
PR1309.S5 C5

Clark, A., Ed. The Probe

PZ1.C558 Ti

Coles, R. , Ed. Teaching
PS648.E33 T43 2004

Delany, S. Ed. Nebula
Winners Thirteen. PZ1.A1 N35 v.13

Echevarria, R. Ed. The
Oxford Book of Latin
American Short Stories
PQ7087.E509 1997

Garrity, D. Ed. 44 Irish
Short Stories

Kenison, K. The Best
American Short Stories
PZ1.B446235 2002

LeGuin, U. Norton Book
of Science Fiction
PS648.N66 1993
Moore,L. Ed. The Best American
Short Stories
PZ1.B446236 2004

Oates, J. Ed. The Oxford Book of
American Short Stories
PS648.S5 O94 1992

Ondaatje, M. Ed. From Ink Lake:
Canadian Short Stories
PR9197.32.F76 1990


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