Thursday, July 12, 2007

Black History Month 2004

Thursday, July 12, 2007
Many African Americans have contributed to the Literary Arts and to the Historical Record of the United States. Here are but few of them.
African American Male Authors
Baldwin, James. If Beale Street Could Talk
PS3552.A45 I41

_____. No Name in the Street E185.615.B28

Ellison, Ralph. Living with Music ML3507.E45 2001
Gaines, Ernest J. The Autobiography of Miss Jane
, PS3557.A355 A8

Gaines, Ernest. In My Father’s House PS3557.A355 I5 1992.
Gaines, Ernest. A Lesson Before Dying PS3557.A355 L47

Haley, Alex. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
BP223.Z8 L597943 1992

Hughes, Langston. The Big Sea. PS315.U274 2001

______.Not without Laughter and Tambourines to
PS3515.U274 2000 v.4
Johnson, Charles. Middle Passage: A Novel: PS3560

Major, Clarence. Swallowing the Lake PS3563.A39

Murray, Albert. South to A Very Old Place F216.2

Wideman, John E. Brothers and Keepers. HV6245
.W733 1985

Sent for You Yesterday PS3573.I26 S4 1983.

Wright, Richard. Lawd Today PS3545.R815 L3

Yerby, Frank. The Foxes of Harrow. PS3547.E65

African American Women Authors

Butler, Octavia . Parable of the Talents PS3552
.U827 P38 2001

Cliff, Michelle. Abeng. PR9265.9 .C55 A64 1995

Foster, Sharon. Ain’t No River. PS3556.O7724 A74 2001

Hurston, Zora Neale. Dust Tracks on a Road.
PS3515.U789 Z5 1991

______. Every Tongue Got to Confess. GR111.A47
H83 2001

_____Novels & Stories PS3515.U789 Z6 1995

McMillan, Terry. Disappearing Acts. PS3563
.C3868 D57 1993

______. Waiting to Exhale. PS3563.C3868 W35

Morrison, Toni. Beloved. PS3563.O8749 B4 1987

_____. Sula PS3563.O8749 S8 1982

_____. Tar Baby PS3563.O8749 T37 1982

Naylor,Gloria. Bailey’s CafĂ©. PS3564.A895 B3 1992

______. Mama Day PS3564.A895 M3 1989b

Walker, Alice. In Love & Trouble: Stories of Black
women PS3573.A425 I54

_______. The Third Life of Grange Copeland
PS3573.A425 T38 2000

Children’s Literature

Guy, Rosa. The Disappearance PZ7.G987 Di 1992.
______. The Friends PZ7.G987 Fr 1983.
Kincaid, Jamaica. Annie John PS3561.I425 A55 1985
McKissack, Patricia Goin’ Someplace Special. PZ7.M478693 Go 2001.
______. Sojourner Truth: A voice for Freedom E185.97.T8 M37 2002.

Collected Works

Hughes, Langston. The Best Short Stories by Negro Writers: an anthology from 1899 to the Present
PZ1.H849 Be

Major, Clarence. Calling the Wind: Twentieth-Century African American Short Stories
PS647.A35 C35 1992.

Major, Clarence. The Garden Thrives: Twentieth-Century African-American Poetry
PS591.n4 G37 1996.

McMillan, Terry. Breaking Ice: An anthology of Contemporary African-American Fiction
PS647.A35 B58 1990

Naylor, Gloria. Children of the Night: the Best Short stories by Black Writers 1967 to the Present
PS647.A35 C5 1995


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