Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Science Fiction Classics

Wednesday, July 25, 2007
First used in Science Wonder Stories in 1929, the term “Science fiction” has come to mean the literary imagination of how sciences impact society. From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, to today’s publications, Sci Fi has shown remarkable visions of
Sometimes writers like C. S. Lewis use it to give a deeper understanding of Christianity. Once I read the Perelandra series, I found other Sci Fi explanations of religion to be missing the point.
Here are some classics from the last hundred years for your pleasure


Science Fiction Hall of Fame PZ1.S587 Sc v.1 — vol. 2 has just been published. These include significant short stories, and novellas as well as novel length. One of my favorites is Nightfall by Isaac

Works by one author
Asimov, I. The Caves of Steel
PS3551.S5 C3 1983
______ Foundation PS3551.S5
______ Foundation and Empire
PS3551.S5 F61

Bates, H. E. The Best of H. E.
Bates PR6003.A965 A6

Bester, A. The Stars My
Destination. PS3552.E796 .S72

Bradbury, R. Fahrenheit 451
PS3503.R167 F3 1988
______. The Martian Chronicles

Brunner, J. Stand on Zanzibar
PR6052.R8 S72

Burgess, A. A Clockwork Orange.
PR6073.I4678 C54

Card, O.S. Ender’s Shadow
PS3553.A655 E58 1999

Clark, A. C. Childhood’s End
PR6005.L36 C5
______The Fountains of Paradise
PR6005.L36 F66
______Rendezvous with Rama
PR6005.L36 R4 1990

Del Rey, L. The Best of Lester
DelRey. PS3554.E445 B4

Dick, P. K. The Man in the High
Castle PS3554.I3 M3 1988.

Disch, T. 334 PS3554.I8 T5 1987

Heinlein, R. Stranger in a Strange
Land PS3515.E288 S7

Keyes, D. Flowers for Algernon
PS3561.E769 F56 1990z

Kornbluth, C. The Best of C. M.
Kornbluth. PS3561.O67 B7

LeGuin, U. The Dispossessed.
PS3562.E42 D5 1975
______The Left Hand of Darkness
PS3562.E42 L4 1976
______The Wind’s Twelve
Quarters PS3562.E42 W7

Lem, S. Solaris PG7158.L39 S613
McIntyre, V. Dream Snake
PS3563.A3125 D74

Pohl, F. The Space Merchants.
PS3566.O36 S68 1987

Shute, N. On the Beach
PS6027.O54 O6 1957

Sturgeon, T. More than
Human PS3569.T875 M6

Vinge, V. A Fire Upon the Deep
PS3572.I534 F57 1993

Vonnegut, K. Slaughterhouse
Five PS3572.O5 S61

Willis, C. Doomsday Book
PS3573.I45652 D66 1993

Wolfe, G. The Claw of the
Conciliator PS3573.O52
C57 1982

For a complete listing of Science fiction books and themes go to Over 5,261 books, 14,256 writers, 5,863 series & 3,343 weblinks are listed here.


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