Thursday, July 5, 2007


Thursday, July 5, 2007


Bauer, Susan Though the Darkness Hid Thee
PS3552. A83638 T48 1998.
A church, a feud, and murder.

Benrey, Ron. Little White Lies.
PS3552.E54764 L57 2001
The mysterious death of a corporate headhunter.

Blackstock, Terri. Cape Refuge.
PS3552.L34285 C37 2002.

Brouwer, Sigmund. Blood Ties.
PS3552.R6825 B58 1996

Bunn, T. Davis. Promises to Keep
PS3552.U4718 P76 1991.

Carr, Caleb The Alienist.
PS3553.A76277.A44 1995
The hunt is on for a serial killer—in the 19th century.

Carter, Stephen L. The Emperor Of Ocean Park.
PS3603.A78 E4 2002
A legal thriller.

Hall, Linda. Margaret’s Peace.
PS3668.A3698.M37 1998
A mystery set in Maine.

Kraus, Harry Lee. The Stain.
PS3561,R2875 S7 1997
Is the doctor a murderer or a saint?

Macmillan, Ann. Civil Blood.
PS3563.C38657 C5 2001
Someone is spreading smallpox among the Union Soldiers in Richmond.

Parker, Gary. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.
PS3566.A6785 B48 1994

Richardson, H. L. The Devil’s Eye
PS3568.I3175 D48 1995
A Western and a mystery!

British Authors

Christie, Agatha. Miss Marple: Complete short stories
PR6004.H66 A6 1986

James, P. D. A Certain Justice.
PR6060.A487 C45 1997

Ondaatje, Michael Anil’s Ghost.
PS9199.3.O5 A84 2000.
Set in Sri Lanka and features a forensic anthropologist

Sayers, Dorothy Lord Peter.
PR6037.A95 L66
A collection of stories featuring Lord Peter Wimsey.

Peters, Ellis. The Confession of Brother Haluin. & the Potter’s Field.
PS6031.A49 C66 1989 and
PR6031.A49 P66 1991.
Brother Cadfael at work again.

Vine, Barbara No Night is Too Long.

Children’s Literature

Cameron, The Court of the Stone Children.
PZ7.C143 Co
A mystery since Napoleon’s time is solved.

Duncan, Lois. Killing Mr. Griffin.
PZ7.D9117 Ki 1990
A cruel trick leads to a death. Was it intentional?

Guy. The Disappearance.
PZ7.G987 Di 1992
Did the foster son kidnap the daughter of the family he is living with?

Peck, Richard. Are You in the House Alone?
PZ7.P338 Ar 2000

Pullman, Philip The Ruby in the Smoke
PZ7.P968 Ru 2000.
An orphan is involved in the search for a Ruby.

Raskin, Ellen The Westing Game.
PZ7.R1817 We 1978.
The heirs of a millionaire must uncover the circumstances of his death before they can inherit.

Vande Velde. Never Trust a Dead Man.
PZ7.V2665117Ne 1999.
Selwyn must prove his innocence before the killer strikes again.

Werlin, Nancy. The Killer’s cousin
PZ7.W4713 Ki 1998


Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor
PS3563.A8357 J36 1996. (Jane Austen)

King, Laurie. The Moor
PR3561 .I4813 M67 1998. (Sherlock Holmes)

Hill, Carol. Henry James Midnight Song.
PS3558.I3846 H46 1999

Soares, Jo A Samba for Sherlock
PQ9698.29 O177X3613 1997


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