Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Tuesday, July 17, 2007
As a genre short stories provide enormous entertainment. They are an excellent avenue to become acquainted with a previously undiscovered author.
Here are some anthologies of short stories for your consideration. Perfect reading for busy lives.

Around the World
PZ7.B46173Th 1990. Begby, James A Thief in the Village and other Stories of Jamaica.

PT2621.A26 A258 1993. Kafka, Franz.
The Metamorphosis and other stories.
These stories by one of the great German authors are

PL984.E8 L36 1993 Land of Exile: Contemporary Korean Fiction.
Twelve short stories from Korea.

PS648.C45 S77 2000 The Story Teller’s Collection. : Tales of Faraway Places.
Travel to a different part of the world with each

PL865.O7138 K5813 1994 Yoshmoto, Banana. Kitchen.
Two short novels by a young Japanese writer.

At Home
PS653.A8 American short stories of the nineteenth century.
Includes both male and female American writers of
the short story such as Henry James and Sara Orne

PZ1.B446235 2001 The Best American Short Stories.
This is an annual publication. The library’s collec
tion goes back to 1916, and is a collection of sto
ries previously published in magazines.

PZ1.G794 Go12 The Golden Argosy: a collection of the most celebrated short stories in the English language.
Includes “The Gift of the Magi,” “ The Lady or
the Tiger,” and “The Man who would be

PS648.S5 O94 1992. The Oxford book of American short stories.
Something for everyone., from Washington Irving to
Amy Tan and E.A. Poe to William Carlos Williams

PZ1.O11 1974 Prize Stories 1974
The O. Henry Award Winners.

PS659 .H57 Ten Years of Holiday.
Short stories published in Holiday Magazine

Ethnic America

PS647.A35 C35 1992 Calling the Wind: Twentieth-century African-American Short Stories.
An historical collection of African-American short
story from the earliest stories to present.

PS647.A35 C5 1995 Children of the Night:
Best short stories by Black Writers 1967 to the

PS647.H58 G76 1993. Growing up Latina: Memoirs and stories.
Covers a variety of Hispanic experiences in America.

PZ1.M992 Aae 2000 Meyers, Walter Dean. 145th Street: Short stories.
Stories of life in New York City

PZ7.S7242 Bas 1990 Soto Gary, Baseball in April and other Stories.
Eleven short stories about Young Hispanics in

One Author

PZ7.A2695 Ne 3 Aiken, Joan A Necklace of Raindrops.
8 short stories by renowned children’s author

PZ7.C89 At 1991. Crutcher, Chris. Athletic shorts.
Six short stories exploring social andpsychological
problems of young adults.

PZ8.D37 Tal 4 De La Mare, Walter. Tales told again.
Retelling of many familiar folktales

PS2110.F82 James, Hemry. The Complete Tales.
A master of the short story, this multivolume collec
tion includes such favorietes as Turn of the Screw,
The Beast in the Jungle, and Daisy Miller.

PZ8.S25 Ros 1988 Sandburg, Carl. Rootabaga Stories
Carl Sandburg wrote these stories for his children.

PS3539.H94 F8 Thurber, James. Further fables for our time.
If you like to laugh, don’t miss Thurber’s
inimitable style and characterizations.


PS648.B4 1980. The Edgar winners
An anthology published by the Mystery Writers
of America

PS657.W6 H5 1985 Hidden Hands: An anthology of Women writers.

PS648.S3 The Road to Science Fiction:
Most of Science Fiction’s evolution is traced
through short stories. Each volume covers differ
ent periods of history.

PZ5.S619 1965. Sixteen: Short stories by outstanding writers for Young adults.

PS648.S3 M36 1990 Vintage Science fiction: Short novels of the 1960’s.
Ten short novels are included, among them Poul
Anderson and Isaac Asimov

Single Subject

PS648.C64 A34 1966 All Problems are simple. And other nineteen views of the college years.

PS648.F36 F3 1990 Fathers and Daughters: Portraits in Fiction
Twenty-three stories are given here whose theme focuses on
fathers and daughters.

PS648.B37 Fielder’s choices. A collection of short stories about baseball.

PZ8.V55Ru 2000 Velde, Vivian Vande. The Rumplestiltskin Problem.
A series of short stories suggesting answers to the fairy tale

PS647.W6 W66 1991 Women’s Friendships: a collection of short stories.


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