Thursday, July 5, 2007


Thursday, July 5, 2007
Have you seen any of these?

Bagnold, E. National Velvet PZ7.B14 Na

Byatt, A. S. Possession PR6052.Y2 P6 1990

Camus, A The Plague PQ2605.A3734 P4 1948j

Conrad, J. Nostromo PR6005.4 N58 1960.

Conrad, J. The Secret Agent PR6005.O4 1928 v.13

Dickens, C. Nicholas Nickleby PR4565.A1 1968

Dickens, C. The Old Curiosity Shop PR4566.A1 1967

Dickens, C. Oliver Twist PR4567.A2 J6

Douglas, L. The Robe PS3507.7573 R62

Dreiser, T. An American Tragedy PS3507.R55 A63

Farrell, J. Studs Lonigan PS3511.A738 S78

Gipson, F. Old Yeller PZ7.G4393 01

Hinton, S. E. The Outsiders PZ7.H5976 Ou

Hinton, S. E. Rumblefish PZ7.H5976 Ru 1989

Hulme, The Nun’s Story PS3515.U374 N8

Ishiguro, K. The Remains of the day PR6059.R46 1989

James, H. The Portrait of a Lady PS2116.P6 1963

James, H. The Turn of the Screw PS2116.T8 1962

James, P. D. Shroud for a Nightingale PR6060.A467 S5 1987

MacLachlan, P. Skylark PZ7.M2225 Sk 1994

Orwell, G. Nineteen Eighty-four PR6029.R8 N5

Pushkin. Eugene Onegin. PG3347.E8 A7

Shakespeare, W. Romeo and Juliet PR2831.A2 E94 1984

All of Shakespeare’s plays have either been produced as screen plays for the theater or television.

Steinbeck, J. Of Mice and Men PS3537.T3234 O4

Steinbeck, J. The Red Pony PS3537.T3234 R4

Styron, W. Sophie’s Choice PS3569.T9 S6

Wallant, E. The Pawnbroker.PS3573.A434 P38 1978

West, M. The Shoes of the Fisherman PR6045.E77 S56

Wharton, E. The Age of Innocence PS3545.H16 A7 1987

White, E. B. Stuart Little PZ7.W58277.St4

Wilder, T. The Matchmaker (Hello Dolly) and Our Town PS3454.I345 A19 1970

Wolf, T. This Boy’s Life: a Memoir PS3573.O558 Z477 1999

Woolf, V. Orlando PR6045.O72 O7

Woolrich, C. Rear Window PS3515.O6455 A6 1994


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