Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Baker, J. A. The Hill of Summer QH B1
B24 1969b Essays describing summer in

Brashares, A. The Sisterhood of the Trav
eling Pants PZ7.B653 Sis 2001. A pair
of “magic” jeans changes the summer of
four friends.

Buell, F. Full Summer PS3552.U37 F8
A collection of poems, one of which is the
name of the book.

Byars, Betsy The Summer of the Swans.
PZ7.B98396 Su “A teenage girl gains new
insight into herself and her family when
her mentally retarded brother gets lost.”

Callaghan. M. That Summer in Paris.
PS3505.A4342 Z52 True account of a
summer in Paris with Hemingway, Fitger-
ald, and other literati

Cormier, Robert. Frenchtown Summer.
PZ7.C81634 Fr 1999. A young boy
describes his the summer of his first paper

Enright, E. Thimble Summer PZ7.E724
Th A summer spent on a Wisconsin farm

Gift, P. Lily’s Crossing PZ7.G3626 Li
1997. Summer at Rockaway Beach 1944.

Godden, Rumer. The Greengage Sum
mer. PR6013.O2 G7 1996
Summer adventure and romance in

Greene, Bette. Summer of My German
Soldier PZ7.G8283 Su 1999.
Set in World War II in Arkansas, this tale
deals with an encounter between a young
girl and a German POW.

Haas, B. The Troubled Summer PZ7
H1122 Tr

Hesse, H. Klingsor’s Last Summer
PT2617.E85 K55 1974
Three short stories by one of the great
European writers of the Twentieth Century

Holt, K. When Zachary Beaver came to
Town. PZ7.R7402 Wh 1999. Compare
this book to One Fat Summer

LaMarche, J. The Raft PZ7.L15957 Raf
2000. What could be a more American
summer than a raft, a boy, and a river?

L’Engle, M. A Ring of Endless Light.
PZ7.L5385 Ri 1980.

L’Engle,M. The Summer of the Great
Grandmother. PS3523.E55 Z52 1995.
The true story of the author’s mother just
before she developed senility.

Larsen Summer of the Gods KF224.S3
L37 1997. The Story of the Scopes Trial,
often called the Trial of the Century.

Lipsyte, Robert One Fat Summer. PZ7.
L67 On 1991 Bobby hates summer be
cause he can no longer hide his 200
pounds. This summer proves to be different.

O’Neal, Zibby. In Summer Light. PZ7.
O552 In1986 “With the help of an attra-
ctive graduate student, Kate endures a
summer with her overpowering artist father
and gains the courage to pursue her own
artistic goals.”

Paulsen, Gary. The Beet Fields. PS3557.
A834 Z4633 2000. When he was sixteen,
the author ran away from home and worked
as a migrant laborer and in a carnival

Paulsen, Gary. Harris and Me PS3556.
A834.H37 1993. Sent to spend a summer
on his Uncle’s farm, a young boy meets his
cousin, Harris, and discovers adventure in
places he never dreamed, including an 800
lb pig, an electric fence, and an angry bob

Rylant, C. Missing May. PZ7.R982 Mj
1992 Summer is the main character who
must come to grips with the death of her
mother May.

Sabatini, R. Saint Martin’s Summer.
PR6037.A2 S2 Sabatini is known for
his action-adventury novels set in

Soto, G. Pacific Crossing PZ7.S7242
Pac 1992
A young Mexican American spends
the summer with a family in Japan.

Teal, Edwin Way. Journey into Sum-
mer. QH104.T39
A journey across the United States in
Summer by a naturalist.

Warren,C. My Summer in a Garden.
PS3152.M6 1885 Essays about gar
dening and nature.

White, Ruth. Memories of Summer.
PZ7.W58446 Me 2000
Summer is the sister of the narrator
who chronicles her mental illness.


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