Friday, July 13, 2007


Friday, July 13, 2007
Stories about Medicine, Nurses,
Physicians, and Hospitals

Avi. The Barn PZ7.A953 Bar 1994

The Best of Nursing Humor
RT61.B47 1999

Corey, G. In a Mirror Dimly
PS3553.O6465 I5 1998

Cormier, R. The Bumblebee Flies
. PZ7.C81634 B8 1993x

Crichton, M. Five Patients
RA982.B7 M35 1970

Goodall, J. Dr. White. PZ7.G6107
Dr 1999

Kane, J.Touched by a nurse: Special
moments that transform lives

RT82.K327 1999

Lotan, Y Samir and Yotan. PZ7.
C21723 Sam 2000

Martin, V. Mary Reilly. PS3563.A7295 M37 2001

Morris, G. Edge of Honor: A novel PS3563.O8742 E34 2000

Orr, W. Peeling the Onion PZ7.O746 Pf 1997

Rey, H. Curious George goes to the hospital. PZ7.R3302.Cu

Roueche, B. The Orange Man

Slaughter, F. Epidemic!
PS3537.L38 E6

Williams, W. The Doctor Stories.
PS3545.I544 A6 1984

Stories about the Clergy

Erdrich, Louise Last report on the
miracles at Little No Horse

PS3555.R42 L37 2001

Frederic, H. The Damnation of
Theron Ware
. PS1707.D3

Gully, P. Home to Harmony
PS3557.U449 H66 2000

Gully, P. Just Shy of Harmony
PS3557.U449 J87 2002

Karon, J. A New Song. PS3561.A678 N49 1999.

Musser, J. Infidel. A novel based on
the life of John Newton
PS3563.U84 2001

Myers, B. The Face of God
PS3563.Y36 F33 2002

Parker, G. Beyond a Reasonable
PS3566.A6785 B48

Wangerin, W. The Orphean
PS3573.A477 O7 1996

Stories about Teachers and Schools

Ashton-Warner, S. Spearpoint
LA2317.A8 A3

Ashton-Warner, S. Teacher
LC3501.M3 A8

Braithwaite, E. To Sir with
. LA639.L8 B7c

Codell, E. Educating Esme
LB2844.1.N4 C63 1999

Flake, S. The skin I’m in.
PX7.F59826 Sk 1998

Henkes, K Lilly’s Purple Plastic
PZ7.H389 Li 1996

Hilton, J. Goodbye, Mr. Chips
PR6015.I53 G6

Kaufman, B. Up the down
PZ4.K2125 Up

Kramer, R. Maria Montessori.
LB775.M8 K7 1976

Stuart, J. The Tread that runs so true
PS3537.T92516 Z5

Washington, Booker T. Up from Slavery.
E185.97.W3 1928


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