Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

Wednesday, July 25, 2007
We are entering seasons where food, fellowship and family are paramount in our lives., and these books remind us of their importance. Indulge, for they have no calories.

Bennett, A. The Feast of St.
Friend PR6003.E6 F4

Buechner, F. Love Feast : A Novel
PS35523.L68 1984

Grace, C. 1621: A New Look at
GT4975.G72 2001

James, E. O. Seasonal Feasts and
Festivals GT3930.J3 1961

Mckissack, P. Christmas in the
Big House, Christmas in the
Quarters F 213.M36 1994

Soto, G. & Guevara, S. Chato and
the Party Animals
PZ7.S7242 Cj 2000

Wright, V. Velma Still Cooks in
Leeway PS3572.R548 V45


Merton, T. Bread in the
BS1430.2.M445 1997

Howard, E. Aunt Flossie’s Hats
( And Crab Cakes Later)
PZ7.H83273Au 1990

Kessler, C. My Great-
Grandmother’s Gourd
PZ7.K4824 My 2000

Soto, G and Martinez, E. Too
Many Tamales
PZ7.S7242 To 1993

Sturges, P. The Little Red Hen
(makes a pizza)
PZ8.1.S934 Li 1999

Eat Your Veggies

Sandburg, C. More Rootabagas

PZ8.S25 Mo 1993

Stevenson, J. Cornflakes
PS3569.T4557 C67 2000

Galvin, L. Bumblebee at Apple
Tree Lane
PZ10.3.G153 Bu 2000

Rylant, C. Gooseberry Park
PZ7.R982 Go 1995

Williams, V. Cherries and Cherry
Pits PZ7.W6685 Ci 1986


Cormier, R. The Chocolate War
PZ7.C81634 Ch

Field, E. Sister’s Cake and other
poems PS1666.S57

Horvath, P. Everything on a
Waffle PZ7.H79224 Ev 2001

Klaus, A. Blood and Chocolate
PZ7.K67815 Bl 1997

Maughm, W. Cakes and Ale
PR6025.A86 C3

Morley, C. Mince Pie
PS3525.O71 M5 1919

Gibbons, G. The
Pumpkin Book
SB347.G535 1999

Smith, L. Cakewalk
PS3569.M5376 C3 1983

Wells, R. Max’s Chocolate
PZ7.W46843 Masj 1989

A little libation?

Jameson, S. A Cup of Tea
for Mr. Thorgill
PR6019.A67 C8

Say, A. Tea with Milk
PZ7.S2744 Te 1999

Thomas, J. Brown Honey
in Broomwheat Tea
PS3570.M565 B7 1993

Snacking Allowed

Stevenson, J. Candy Corn
PS3569.T4557 C36 1999

Stevenson, J. Popcorn
PS3569.T4557 P67 1998


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